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Beauty Salon Thousand Oaks

Beauty Salon Thousand Oaks is also known as Jamie's Hair Design and Jamie wants to inform all men and women who are looking for a beauty salon in Thousand Oaks, California 91362 that after 25 years they are still in business. Compare Jamie's to other beauty salons in Thousand Oaks, CA and you will determine that Jamie's on Thousand Oaks Boulevard includes a full service salon, with a fully operating Day Spa. When you compare beauty salons in Thousand Oaks it is important that you compare them service for service.

Beauty Salon Thousand Oaks is owned and operated by Jaime, owner, operator and founder of Jaime's Hair Design. At any one time there are 35 hair design specialists working at the salon in Thousand Oaks, California 91362.

Beauty Salon Westlake Village is another name that Jaime's Hair Design Salon operates under, as well as Beauty Salon Agoura Hills. Beauty Salon Thousand Oaks is a full service salon that is involved in hair styling, hair design, hair coloring, make-up, nails and hair care products.

Beauty Salon Newbury Park is also run by Jamie's Hair Design and has the full line of Reken products along with styling gel and conditioner.

Beauty Salon Thousand Oaks begins each session with a potential new client with a free personal consultation that takes into consideration one's hair type, hair color, hair style, hair design, hair condition to determine if it is appropriate to have new hair highlights.

Beauty Salon Thousand Oaks with services in Newbury Park is a full service hair design, hair stylist and creative hair salon that is always available to give you a free complimentary personal hair design consultation.

Day Spa Thousand Oaks

Day Spa treatments are available at our beauty salon in Thousand Oaks by our team of day spa consultants. One of our main areas of focus is to bring you dramatic positive changes to your skin. Jaime's day spa offers a skin treatment system that has shown dramatic results for women with problem skin. It is not always a dramatic change, but it has an excellent track record and our existence is a testament to its success. The Day Spa in Thousand Oaks uses galvanic current, also known as electric current, to introduce vitamin rich solutions into the problem skin of our clients. It is a modern miracle to be able to deliver vitamin rich solutions into the problem skin through the use of electrical current, but is has made a dramatic change in the physical condition of skin, including the ability to cleanse the skin, hydrate the skin, and rejuvenate dermal tissue. The beauty salon and day spa is very much aware of the techniques known as iontophoresis and galvanic process to treat problem skin. Our skin care professionals are available to treat your problem skin and we have follow up skin care problems to treat your new beautiful cleansed and hydrated skin.

A special hydrating and anti aging facial treatment is also available at the day spa. Thousand Oaks has many special skin care professionals that will offer this very intense anti-aging and hydrating treatment that is going to add moisture to your skin, firm the epidermis and increase the elasticity of the skin. We like this treatment a great deal and consider it an outstanding treatment with immediate beneficial results, especially for problem skin. The day spa skin care professional is going to create for you a restoration and renewal treatment masque that will be combining many factors to create the ultimate skin exfoliate, Glycolic Acid delivery system, with purifying anti-aging botanicals for your skin. This wonderfully powerful and complex combination of skin treatments will help to clarify, brighten, and improve your skin's tone and texture. The treatment also contains a mixture of anti-aging vitamins and skin anti-oxidants to assist in activating cellular skin regeneration, increasing skin hydration, and restoring skin uniformity.

If you are looking for that perfect "look" with a tan or wax, check out the Day Spa in Thousand Oaks with full service rooms and tanning spray booths catering your tanning wishes. The Day Spa is very involved in operating catering to needs of men and women who reside in Westlake Village and Agoura Hills. At the Day Spa Westlake Village one is able to have a complete day of relaxation and beauty care, including mud bath, body wash, facials and other spa services. Day Spa Agoura Hills personnel are there to help you decide the best spa treatment for your mood or special occasion.

Hair Design Thousand Oaks

Hair design and hair style are number one considerations at our Beauty Salon in Thousand Oaks, California. Jaime's beauty salon is second to none in working unique hair designs for our customers with special attention to detail and easy day to day hair care. Beauty Salon patrons are always concerned about how best to manage their hair once they leave the beauty salon in Thousand Oaks, and they are always concerned that the haircut and style that their receive from our hair designers is not as easy to duplicate after they shower and shampoo at home.

There are several special occasions that the beauty salon helps families prepare for and they include the Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Dress, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Church Confirmation and high school graduations. The neighborhood beauty salon in Thousand Oaks is always the center of activity as it is very important to look your best when those once in a lifetime pictures are going to be taken. These pictures will be looked upon by family members for generations to come. It is at this point that everyone needs one place to bring everyone for that once in a lifetime hair style and it is important that the best hair designer is available to take care of the entire family, including that special children's cut for the little boys and girls, the special little girl hair design holding the long wedding gown trane following the bride down the aisle.

Now the key to a full blown unique hair design that is styled with grace and splendor for the bride is a full day at the day spa, in which the bride is given that something special that is always found at the beauty salon. Thousand Oaks is a wonderful town and our salon has the most talented people available to give the bride the once in a lifetime moment that we have been discussing. Jamie and his family of hair stylists and hair designers, as well as his day spa crew that includes full body work and manicurists, are the ones that you want to visit for bride preparation in Thousand Oaks. Beauty Salon and Day Spa by Jamie are going to prepare the bride like she was Queen Cleopatra. A special hair design is going to be presented, along with a recommendation for a special occasion up do or a new haircut and style, but certainly a special hair conditioning treatment is going to be appropriate. It may also be appropriate to do a special occasion hair color or hair tinting and then it is time to look at our bride's skin. Let's work a little magic for your beauty and give your body a deep exfoliating and moisturizing treatment that is followed up with a full high polish manicure, foot massage and beautifully polished toe nails.

Debra Satin now sits first chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live as far away as Santa Monica. Beauty Salon clientele enjoy visiting Debra for their hair design and styling. Monica Bingham is now second chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Thousand Oaks, California. Day Spa women come in to see Monica for their hair shampoo and conditioning. Beverly Smith is now in the third chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Westlake Village. Beauty Salon men come to see Bevelry for their scissor cuts and blow dry. Donna Jackson is now sitting in the fourth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Agoura Hills. Day Spa clients work with Donna for their long hair up does. Henry Coel is now in the fifth chair at the day spa and has customers that live in Simi Valley. Beauty Salon patrons enjoy visiting Henry for their short hair curl treatment. Jenny Hopkins is still in the sixth chair and has customers that live in Santa Paula. Day Spa customers spending time with Jenny for their exfoliating and skin massage treatments. Jeremy Smithe has moved from seventh chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Ojai. Beauty Salon brides have work done by Mark for their manicure and toe painting. Ruth Baker is comfortable in the eight chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Oxnard. Day Spa grooms having hair work done by Ruth for their style and blow dry. Carl Perkins sweeps around the ninth chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Ventura. Beauty Salon children get treatments by Carl for their skin moisturizing treatments. Jamie Jones designs from the tenth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Moorpark. Day Spa teenagers have treatments with Jamie for their hair straightening. Susan Jones talks on the phone from the eleventh chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Newbury Park. Beauty Salon adult girls have beauty treatments with Susan for their facial mask and vitamin treatment. John Jacob never moves from the twelfth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Calabasas. Day Spa adult boys have beauty treatments by John for their bleach and hair tinting. Jeff Watkins is lucky in the thirteenth chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Lake Sherwood. Beauty Salon grandparents have day spa treatments by Jeff for their hair streaks and coloring. Yvonne Young plays music from the fourteenth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Hidden Valley. Day Spa grandmothers travel to visit with Yvonne for their hair coloring and styling design cut. Kristina Kraft washes hair near the fifteenth chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Woodland Hills. Beauty Salon grandfathers drive to have work done by Kristina for their pedicure and toe clipping. Michelle Marin has her manicure station near the sixteenth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Tarzana. Day Spa uncles walk to see Michelle for their new manicure and fill. Paula Pearl cuts and styles from the seventeenth chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Encino. Beauty Salon aunts spend money with Paula for their skin hydration and silky skin treatment. Barbara Box is always telling jokes from the eighteenth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Canoga Park. Day Spa cousins write a check to Barbara for their hair design and hair cutting special treatment. Beth Jolly stands and works hard from the nineteenth chair in the day spa and has customers that live in Reseda. Beauty Salon family members charge their Visa card by Beth for their hair extentions. Laurie Marker is in the twentieth chair in the beauty salon and has customers that live in Malibu. Day Spa wedding parties do their MasterCard spending with Laurie for their special occasion high up do. Jamie’s Hair Salon and Day Spa is the place if you are looking for beauty salons in thousand oaks 91358, 91359, 91360 or Beauty salons Westlake Village in the 91361, 91362 and 91363 zip codes.

If you are looking for a French Manicure or Nail art we suggest that you visit one of our Nail Technician or Manicurist. Jamie’s Hair Design offers a full line of Nail care which includes Nail Design, Nail Art, Nail Design, Pedicure and Spa pedicure. Our nail Technicians are professionally trained in the application of acrylic nails, pink and white acrylics and gel nails. Want a Colored French manicure, no problem we have the right manicurists to take care of you and apply your sculpted nails and Nail polish.

Our Nail Care and Nail Design Technicians will make sure that you have the beautiful acrylics nails that you want and expect. We service the cities of Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura and Agoura Hills. We know that you want the best French Manicure in the Conejo Valley. At Jamie’s Hair Design our Nail Technicians and Manicurists are the best in applying Nail art and pink and white acrylics. We have special spa packages available to you. So we invite you to come in for a Spa Pedicure or acrylic nails.

Botulinum toxin or what is referred to as Botox is now available in Thousand Oaks at Jamie’s Hair Salon and Day Spa. When Botox is carefully isolated and purified, it can be used as an effective and powerful medication for the relief of wrinkles and other facial problems. What Botox does is that when injected it blocks the release of acetylcholine from the neuron by preventing the vesicle where the Acetylcholine is stored from binding to the membrane where the neurotransmitter can be released. In simple terms this relaxes the muscle and render the muscle unable to contract for up to a period of three to four months. Thousand Oaks Botox is preformed by Dr. Lukasz Iwanczyk. Dr. Iwanczyk gives every patient a discrete customized treatment plan. Along with the optimum combination of treatment modalities to obtain the best results possible. When you want the best non-surgical facial rejuvenation Botox is the answer along with Juvederm

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